Sudoku 3D Cube

Sudoku 3D represents a sudoku cube with puzzles combined in three dimensions. Each slice in any dimension represents a proper sudoku. And all slices need match to have a solution.

Each of the many thousand puzzles opens in its most difficult inception, but with the innovative dial-it-down knob you can reveal difficult fields, as many times as you want within a single game until the very minimum amount of fields is left to be solved (e.g. suitable for a novice player).

The non-exhaustive list of features includes:
- multiple player profiles, each with separate settings (inc. optional PIN protected access, custom username), switching between users is possible while in the game,
- multiple languages, changeable at will while in the game and settable for each user separately,
- auto-saving of user settings and puzzles played (after exit and reload the puzzle resumes where it was left),
- tooltip, quick help, long-version help (i.e. how to play instructions and graphical help),
- a funky selector of numbered puzzles, of which, each can be played multiple times,
- dial-it-down knob for easing the difficulty at will,
- a "resign" button to abandon a puzzle (although each unfinished puzzle can be reloaded later on) and start a new one at will,
- home view, last view, zoom, 3d rotation, slice expansion along an axis, slice view, traversing between slices around a selected field,
- many assistive features like same field value colouring, taking notes, last entry repeat, erroneous entry elimination,
- intuitive keyboard and mouse controls,
- many selectable music tracks (with loop one or play through the collection setting) and sound effects,
- played puzzles overview with statistics,
- pause and lock.

Built in languages include ES, FR, IT, JP, KO, PT, CN, DE, EN.