Sudoku Disco

Love playing the classic 9 Sudoku, but need more excitement?

Look no further.

Sudoku Disco is a lot of fun.

With Sudoku Disco you will fight the clock to solve one designated field in order to advance to the next level and face a new puzzle.

The game is bound to satisfy both fresh and experienced players, the former with a slower introductory pace and the latter with challenging higher levels.

No need to solve the entire puzzle, just that one designated field.

How high can you get?

Important notes:
1. All puzzles are unique.
2. The game autosaves on exit and resumes on start.
3. The game can also be paused.
4. Marking of both possible and impossible candidates is enabled.
5. Use of hint (bottom light bulb) directs you to a low resistance field.
6. Several inbuilt languages (e.g. CN, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JP, KO, PT).